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Turnaround Execution

STARCON understands you need a contractor who can manage your turnaround safely, complete it on time, and within budget. STARCON's turnaround execution team is compromised of experienced superintendents, skilled supervisors, and a work force that is committed to high safety standards, quality workmanship and meeting the schedule. Our turnaround execution team has the experience and knowledge to execute turn-key unit work, exchangers, towers, piping/valves and heater retubes. STARCON has completely stocked tool trailers with tools that are clearly marked, and an on-board computerized "Tool Watch System" that enables us to track all tools on the job site to reduce tool loss. We have specialty heat exchanger extraction equipment including our new STARTRAX 2000 unit, truck mounts, aerial extractors, straddle buggies, and tube rolling equipment designed to deliver an efficient and quality exchanger job.

Turnaround Management

STARCON turnaround managers and planners understand that world class turnaround performance starts with the development of a sound implementation strategy, followed by a value added work scope process, which needs to be tailored accordingly to meet the client's business objectives. 

Our turnaround management team utilizes an approach that integrates maintenance, operations and engineering and combines both with organizing, estimating, planning, scheduling, cost projecting, and cost tracking to meet the turnaround goals.

STARCON understands that our client's personnel often only have every 3-5 years to be successful in executing a major turnaround. STARCON's professional team of trained and experienced planners, turnaround managers and execution personnel have on-going experience in executing turnarounds on schedule and under cost both in the United States and abroad. 
We look forward to working with you on your next turnaround to provide your organization with the essential up-front planning and execution services that will insure a successful and efficient world-class turnaround.

Services - Execution

• Project Management (Turn-key Capabilities)

• Computerized Project Scheduling (Primavera)

• Exchanger Specialist

• Hydraulic Tube Bundle Extractor

• Trained Extractor Operators

• Straddle Buggy

• Tube Rolling

• Tray Tower

• Piping And Valves

• Turnaround Tool Trailer

• "R" Certificate for Code Repairs

• Heater Re-tubes

Services - Management

• Turnaround Strategy and Turnaround Scope

• Primavera P3 Project Planner

• Detailed Work Breakdown Structures

• Exchanger Specialist

• Innovative Contract Strategies and 
  Structures (Risk/Reward)

• Cost Effective Organizational Structures
   with Roles and Responsibilities

• P3 Planners 

• Cost Engineers and Coordinators 

• Supervisors and Turnaround Managers

• JSA Safety Process

• Special Customized Reports for Tracking and
   Progressing Work

• Post Audit Close Reviews for Capturing
   "Lessons Learned"
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